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Cement mortar lining steel pipe
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Cement mortar lining steel pipe

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Product introduction: The anti-corrosion of cement mortar lining refers to the so-called 1:3 cement mortar which is combined with 1 part of cement and 3 parts of sand. In fact, the composition of water is ignored, and the ratio is generally about 0.6, which should be 0.6:1: 3. Concrete is added by adding stones to the cement mortar in proportion. No. 100 cement mortar means that its strength is 100kg/cm2, but now it is all changed to MPa. No. 100 corresponds to M10. The mixing ratio varies according to different raw materials and mortar uses. Take the commonly used 42.5 ordinary portland cement and medium sand with 100 (M10) masonry mortar as an example: cement 305kg: sand 1.10m3: water 183kg. The symbols of mortar are M3, M5, M7.5, M10, M12.5, M15, M20, M25, M30, M40. There are several types of mortar, including masonry, plastering, and joints, depending on the application, regardless of the label.

Construction method: First, the ground centrifugation method. It is mainly suitable for the construction of pipeline lining below DN400 caliber. The second is the underground spraying method, which is mainly suitable for the underground anti-corrosion construction of the DN700 and above pipelines.

Product quality: What is the binding force of mortar to the pipeline? In particular, will the anti-corrosion layer in the steel pipe fall off under the external force of transportation and installation? What is its mechanical strength? According to the data of foreign experiments, its mechanical strength can be proved. When the steel pipe is deformed and flattened by external pressure, the mortar will produce "hair-like" cracks, but it is very difficult to peel the mortar from the pipe wall. On a steel pipe with a caliber of DN800 mm and a wall thickness of 7.1 mm, intercept one meter in length The pipe section is lined with a 11 mm thick mortar coating. When the flatness is 7-8 mm, the appearance of "hair-like" cracks can be seen. When the amount of flattening increases to 50 mm, the cracks gradually increase to the side of the full pipe section. The experimental results show that the "hair-like" cracks occur when the flattening of 1% of the pipe diameter is flat. When the flattening is 6-9%, the mortar coating It began to crack and flake off when it reached 30% of the pipe diameter. This should never be allowed during construction. According to measurements, the minimum flatness is 15 mm on the DN1100 tube and 21 mm on the DN1800 tube. It can be seen that as the diameter of the pipe increases, the amount of flattening of the cracks also increases.

After the antiseptic work of cement mortar is completed, the most important process is air drying. It means to dry in the natural state for 2-3 days. Mainly to prevent cracks in the cement mortar due to bumps during shipment!

When using cement mortar, some additives such as microfoam agent, waterproof powder, etc. are often added to improve its workability and viscosity. The label strength of cement mortar means a value in the overall distribution of compressive strength measured by the standard test method for cube specimens made and maintained according to the standard method at 28 days of age.

Executive standard: CECS10:89 or GB50268-2008

Product use: Applicable to high-rise building water supply, heating network heating, water supply engineering, gas transmission, buried water transmission and other pipelines. Sewage treatment: sewage treatment discharge pipes, sewage pipes and biological pool anti-corrosion engineering Agriculture: agricultural irrigation pipes, deep well pipes, drainage pipes and other networks.

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