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Coal tar epoxy coating steel pipe
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Coal tar epoxy coating steel pipe

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Product introduction: Epoxy coal asphalt anti-corrosion steel pipe is a coating made of epoxy resin + coal tar pitch + filler. The surface of the steel pipe is reinforced with glass cloth. This product is also called 2 cloth 1 oil, 3 cloths 2 oils, 4 cloths 3 oils, currently widely used, mainly used for corrosion protection of the outer wall of buried or underwater steel oil, gas, water, and heating pipelines, also suitable for various types of steel structures , Wharf, ship, sluice, gas storage tank, oil refining and chemical plant equipment anticorrosion and concrete pipe, sewage tank, roof waterproof layer, toilet, basement and other concrete structure waterproof and anti-leakage. The temperature of the conveying medium does not exceed 110℃, and it has anti-corrosion function.

Product use: steel pipe for pipeline, steel pipe for thermal equipment, steel pipe for machinery industry, steel pipe for petroleum, geological drilling, container steel pipe, steel pipe for chemical industry, special-purpose steel pipe, etc.

Product features: This product is a high-performance anti-corrosion coating. The coating is smooth, dense, hard, and has strong adhesion. It is excellent in salt and alkali resistance, seawater resistance, soil microbial corrosion resistance, and plant rootstock penetration resistance. The composite use of paint and glass fiber cloth can enhance the mechanical properties of the anti-corrosion layer; normal temperature coating, natural curing, easy construction, manual or mechanical construction, especially suitable for on-site use.

Technical index: Epoxy coal asphalt coating is divided into epoxy coal asphalt primer and epoxy coal asphalt topcoat according to its function. According to the solid content, it is divided into two types: solvent-free type (GH 201) and thick paste type (GH 202), and it is divided into temperature-resistant type (use within 150 ℃, add W) and Standard type (used within 100 ℃), for users to choose according to the actual requirements of anti-corrosion engineering.

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