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Prefabricated buried thermal polyurethane foam insulation tube

Insulation Steel Pipe Introduction:

Polyurethane foam insulation tube is combined by high functional polyether polyol composition and Multi-Methylpolyphenyl Polyisocyanate via chemical reaction foam mathod. Polyurethane foam insulation tube has the advantages of light weight, high strength, insulation anti-corrosion, non-absorbent. It has become a necessary products of oil and construction industries the industries for insulation, waterproof plugging and sealing purposes.

Specification of Insulation Steel Pipe:


Items Specifications
Materials Inner Pipe spiral steel pipe, LSAW steel pipe
Length 8m-12m
Outside Diameter 219mm~2030mm
Weight Theoretical weight
Foam Polyurethane
Usage hot water insulation transport

Insulation Pipe Images:


insulation tube 01 insulation tube 02
insulation tube 03 insulation tube 04

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