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Steel sheet pile

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The steel sheet pile is a kind of steel structure with a linkage device on the edge, and this linkage device can be freely combined to form a continuous and compact steel structure with a retaining wall or a water retaining wall.

The steel sheet pile is a type of steel with a lock, and its cross-section is straight, trough, Z-shaped, etc., with various sizes and interlocking forms. The common one is the lassen style. Its advantages are: high strength, easy to penetrate into hard soil; construction in deep water, if necessary, add diagonal support to form a cage. It has good waterproof performance; it can be formed into cofferdams of various shapes as required and can be reused many times. Therefore, it has a wide range of uses.

Steel sheet pile products are classified into cold-formed thin-walled steel sheet piles and hot-rolled steel sheet piles according to the production process.

(1) The production process of cold-formed steel sheet piles: use thinner plates (usually 8mm to 14mm in thickness) to be continuously rolled into cold-formed units.

Advantages: less investment in production line, lower production cost, flexible control of product size.

Disadvantages: the thickness of each part of the pile body is the same, the section size cannot be optimized, which leads to an increase in steel consumption, the shape of the lock part is difficult to control, the joint is not tightly buckled, and the water cannot be stopped, and the pile body is easy to tear during use.

(2) Hot-rolled steel sheet piles mainly have dozens of specifications in several categories, such as U-shaped, Z-shaped, AS-shaped, and H-shaped. The production, processing and installation processes of Z-type and AS-type steel sheet piles are relatively complex, and are mainly used in Europe and America; U-type steel sheet piles are mainly used in China.

Production process: It is formed by high temperature rolling by a section steel rolling mill.

Advantages: standard size, superior performance, reasonable cross-section, high quality, and tight water barrier for the lock bite.

Disadvantages: technical difficulty is relatively high, production cost is relatively high, specification series are not flexible.

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