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Specification of Spiral Welded Steel Pipe

Specification of Spiral Welded Steel Pipe

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2017/05/25 15:21
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Spiral pipe (SSAW), also known as spiral steel pipe or spiral welded pipe, is made by the low carbon structural steel coil (Q235 or Q235B material) or low alloy structural steel coil (Q345 material) according to a certain helix angle (called forming angle) rolled into Tube, and then welding together, it can be produced with a narrow strip of large diameter steel pipe.

Tianjin Ruijie Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of large diameter double-sided spiral submerged arc welded steel pipe, O.D Φ219-Φ2032 OD. The spiral steel pipe has been tested of a variety of pressure pipeline tests, and the products are sold at domestic and overseas. Spiral steel pipe is often used as a basic pipe materials for the large-scale pipeline project of the national government projects. It can be used for drainage pipes, water pipes, oil and gas pipelines, heating pipes and piling pipes.

For details, please refer to the sheet.

specification of spiral steel pipe

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